lover of the flowers I'm Lindsey. I'm in love. I'm an old soul.
Born and raised in the land of a million lakes, now living in the lone star state.
We beat the distance! I am now living with the love of my life.
Feel free to ask me anything!

Coffee and a scary movie is the best way to start the day. I love all things creepy 💀👻💀 #vscocam #vsco #allthingscreepy #creepy #jackskeleton #it #stephenking #halloween #coffee #scarymovie


Sleeping Willow
xpromisedforever: You're beautiful.. I just thought you should know this. <33 

Thank you so much sherry! You somehow always know when I need to be reminded of that.
You’re beautiful inside and out my dear!


It’s getting cold up here. Gonna find my warmest blanket and hide until the spring.

i know i’m a bit behind the curve for designing something for guardians of the galaxy, but i’m happy with the result!

Mona Khaleesa